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The #1 driver of employee engagement in the workplace is the employee's supervisor. This has been shown in countless employee engagement studies. If an employee has an ineffective supervisor, they are likely to be much less engaged than their colleagues with more effective supervisors. This not only impacts the employee's productivity and service to your members, but also the credit union's bottom line. Our leadership assessment enables credit unions to clearly see how each of its supervisors is perceived by staff across 6 critical dimensions:

  • Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Development
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership Abilities
  • Management Effectiveness

Employees rate their supervisor’s effectiveness across 38 leadership assessment items, as well as how important each of these areas is to them in how they are led. This not only gives your supervisors information on how well they are doing in these areas, but also feedback on which areas are most important to the staff so that improvement initiatives can be prioritized.

Based on assessment findings, reports are generated for the credit union's executive team and each individual manager/supervisor. Here are some of the features of each:

Executive Report Includes:

  • Overall average, standard deviation, and mode for ratings from all credit union respondents across each assessment item
  • Overall averages for each manager rated across each of the assessment items
  • Rank order and average for all managers across each of the 6 leadership assessment dimensions as well as an overall leadership assessment average

Manager Report Includes:

  • Effectiveness average across each assessment item compared to the credit union's overall effectiveness average
  • Importance average for each assessment item compared to the importance average for the credit union overall
  • Overall average for both effectiveness and importance across each of the 6 leadership assessment dimensions
  • Leadership assessment effectiveness average and importance average based on averages across all 38 leadership assessment quantitative items
  • Scatterplot illustrating the manager's subordinate averages across effectiveness and importance for each assessment item
  • Feedback from subordinates across the two open-ended questions regarding the manager's strengths and areas of improvement

Our assessment process for credit unions is comprehensive & completely user-friendly.

Features of our survey:

  • Ability for respondent to select which manager to evaluate. This information is provided to them beforehand in an introductory email from People Perspectives.
  • Responsive survey format optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Full service in constructing the assessment in the ideal manner for each client
  • Full survey administration
  • Secure online assessment, encrypted using the latest SSL technology
  • Password – protected assessment to preserve client confidentiality
  • Reports posted on a secure website to be downloaded and distributed at the client's discretion

For more information on our Leadership Assessment or to schedule a demo, please call us at 206.451.4218 or email us at  info@peopleperspectives.com.

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