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Measuring employee satisfaction, engagement, and DEI (Diversity/Equity/Inclusion) are critical to understanding your employees' perceptions of the workplace. Employee satisfaction and engagement significantly impact your credit union's:

  • Employee Turnover, Employee Absenteeism, and Employee Safety
  • Member Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Product Penetration & Sales
  • Employee Productivity
  • Credit Union Performance & Bottom Line

Our Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey covers the most important components of employee satisfaction, engagement, and DEI, giving you a complete assessment of your employees’ perceptions of their workplace.

Our Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey stands apart from our competition in many ways:

  • Extensive credit union normative database, including breakouts by comparable:
    • Asset size
    • Employee size
    • U.S. region
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) average across the credit union's demographics
  • Analysis breakouts available across 3 variables:
    • Supervisory status
    • Tenure
    • Department/Branches
  • Engagement average across the credit union's demographics
  • Full service in constructing the survey in the ideal manner for each client
  • Full survey administration
  • Secure online survey, encrypted using the latest SSL technology
  • Password – protected survey to preserve client confidentiality
  • Compact construction with multi-page format
  • Responsive survey format optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

Given the impact that engagement and satisfaction have on credit unions, this survey project is not only a critical initiative, but is also affordable for our clients.

Survey Packages:

People Perspectives LLC offers 3 comprehensive survey packages to fit virtually any credit union’s needs and budget for its employee engagement & satisfaction survey project. The following table details the features of each.

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Package Includes: Core Package Premium Package Executive Package
Demographic information about the respondents, including
overall survey participation and any additional analyses.
Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey, featuring:
  • 85 quantitative items across 8 dimensions of workplace satisfaction, including 25 employee engagement items
  • 8 qualitative survey questions. Employee responses are categorized, quantified, and with 4 of the questions, responses are graphed.
  • Up to 5 client-generated quantitative survey items
Overall findings by survey dimension and item, including:
  • Average ratings for the credit union
  • Most frequently-given ratings
  • Standard deviations
  • Graphics illustrating results for each dimension.
Engagement average for the credit union overall and across demographic groups based on 25 engagement items listed throughout the survey.
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) average for the credit union overall and across demographic groups based on 7 DEI items.
Comparative normative data from other credit union clients overall and also by relevant asset size, employee size, and region.
Comparison of all departments/branches listed, providing:
  • Averages of each group across each quantitative survey item
  • Color graphics illustrating results for each dimension
Comparison of Managers & Non-Supervisors
Comparison of 6 tenure levels
Detailed recommendations specifically catered to the client across each survey dimension to improve or maintain morale, engagement, and productivity.
Observational summary of project findings.
Report(s) posted on a secure website to be downloaded and distributed at the client’s discretion.
Web-based conference with client to present a formal overview of the project findings and implications of the results (optional).

Additional Products:

In addition to our survey packages, People Perspectives LLC has additional products and services for our clients who want more extensive information in conjunction with their survey project. Our most commonly – requested products/services are listed below.

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey Additional Product/Analysis Options:
Employee Feedback Report
  • Management - sensitive report that provides employees with the credit union's overall results across the quantitative items compared to the normative data
  • Comparisons are color-graphed in each survey dimension
  • Excellent tool for providing feedback to the survey participants
Department Report
  • Compares each department’s average ratings with the credit union’s averages across quantitative survey items
  • Comparisons are color-graphed in each survey dimension
  • Excellent feedback tool for department managers
Two-Party Comparison
  • May include comparisons of full-time and part-time, retail and non-retail, remote and in-house, experience level, etc.
  • Formatted as an additional section in the final report
  • Provides average rating comparisons for both parties across quantitative survey items
  • Provides color graphics illustrating the averages by dimension
Multi-Party Comparison (3 + variables)
  • May include comparisons of race/ethnicity identification, gender, position types, departments/branches, age categories, educational level, corporate divisions, etc.
  • Includes formatting listed above in Two-Party Comparison
On-Site Presentation
  • In-person support provided by People Perspectives LLC’s President, Kerry Liberman, to clients at any stage of the project
  • Beneficial in reviewing project results with employees, managers, senior management, and/or Board of Directors

For more information on our Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey or to schedule a demo, please call us at 206.451.4218 or email us at  info@peopleperspectives.com.

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