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Internal service levels within credit unions greatly impact employee engagement levels, member satisfaction, member service and ultimately, the credit union’s bottom line. Our internal service survey is designed to measure the level of service provided between departments and branches within the credit union.

Features of our Internal Service Survey:

  • Ability for respondents to select which departments/branches to evaluate. The survey automatically directs the respondent to each of these selected groups.
  • 10 quantitative survey items measuring each department and branch (selected by the respondent) across 5 service dimensions:
    • Overall Performance
    • Service Orientation
    • Communication
    • Knowledge
    • Teamwork
  • Responsive question at the end of each dimension section, soliciting more information if any dimension is rated low by a respondent
  • Additional open-ended survey question, providing personalized, categorized feedback to each group directly
  • Responsive survey format optimized for the desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Full service in constructing the survey in the ideal manner for each client
  • Full survey administration
  • Secure online survey, encrypted using the latest SSL technology
  • Password – protected survey to preserve client confidentiality

Features of our Internal Service Survey Executive & Department Reports:

  • Demographic information of the survey participants
  • Overall averages and rank order of each of the departments and branches overall and across each of the 5 dimensions in the Executive Report
  • Comparative normative data from other credit union clients across each survey item in the Executive Report
  • Individual Department Report sections in the Executive Report for each listed department, detailing the averages for each item overall, and across each department that rated the target department. Also includes the feedback from the open-ended question, as well as the feedback from respondents with lower ratings across those service dimensions.
  • Individual Department Reports for easy distribution to each department manager with the information provided in the bullet point above
  • Reports posted on a secure website to be downloaded and distributed at the client's discretion

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