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For over 20 years, People Perspectives has built its reputation on providing the best employee engagement & satisfaction surveys, internal service surveys, management assessments, and board of director assessments to our credit union clients. The quality of our personalized service and our products is unmatched; over 91% of our new clients report that we exceeded their expectations!

Before starting People Perspectives, Kerry Liberman was a human resources director for a Virginia credit union for several years. This gave her a genuine understanding of the issues facing credit union boards, executives, managers, and employees. Prior to that, she worked as a training and human resources consultant while attending graduate school. Kerry has a Master of Science degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from the University of Central Florida in her hometown of Orlando, FL.

A few fun facts about Kerry: While building People Perspectives, Kerry was a military spouse, living in every time zone in the US prior to settling in the majestic Pacific Northwest; Kerry has four teenagers (!); and perhaps consequently, Kerry likes dark chocolate with sea salt – a lot.

Kerry is real, genuine, likeable, connects easily with people, and looks for ways to help. I respect her greatly in what she does for NDFCU because it proves that this is not just a job for her and it’s not just about the facts. Kerry’s wisdom, knowledge, experience help me/my credit union separate the not-so-important from the important. She helps us focus our energies on what will make a difference, and what will impact our future, our culture, and our people.

Ande Kurth Director of Human Resources, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

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